So the word Yatrik – The Wanderer means a lot to us since this has been created with a thought of yes keeping a ‘Traveler’ in mind but also respecting our Indian Culture and keeping it in mind.

There’s no difference between ‘Yatrik’ & ‘The Wanderer’ separately. Infact both the word just interrelates to each other.

Understanding our name better, The Wanderer is someone who wanders or travels without any aim of achieving anything because that traveler knows that every step he is achieving more then what he expects. Every footprint of that Traveler or Wanderer creates an urge to Travel more, awakens a nomad even in an amateur Wanderer. And it is said that every journey is followed by a great poetry or writings, and the most beautiful stories or writings or poems are written in our India’s most ancient language ‘Sanskrit.’ ‘Yatrik’ is just a Sanskrit meaning of ‘The Wanderer.’

So ‘Yatrik’ means ‘The Wanderer’, and ‘The Wanderer’ means ‘Yatrik.’ Bridging the gap between our generation with a proper blend of India’s culture, and understanding the locals lifestyle, their stay, food, clothing habits, their festivals, diversification of this Incredible India, and much more let’s make this Backpacking experience a memorable one.


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