What is Backpacking for Us?

The River, The Jungle, The Birds, The Dogs, The People you meet in between, Your conversations with them, The Cloudy Skies, Falling Snowflakes, Huge Mountains, Fluttering Prayer Flags, Snow Laden Branches, Fallen Leaves, Turquoise River, The Rocks you stand upon, The Grounds you walk upon, The Light that falls upon your face, The Breeze that makes you shiver, The Sunrise & The Sunset, Comfort of the Campfire with Cold Air, Dark Night & Bright Stars.

Types of Backpacking we Offer

Why Book with YTW?

Unexplored / Unimagined Destinations

The true sense of Backpacking comes from Traveling to a Destination which is less touristy. So here we are to offer you some exciting unexplored or if explored then in an unimagined way.

Exciting Schedules

Experience something Magical and Exciting on the journey at every step & every day with us. We just don't believe in doing something that's mentioned in the itinerary but also to get the excitement of the trip at the peak, there's way lot in the kitty for you.

Expert Guidances

All our team mates are experts in what they do, i.e: Make all our Backpackers Smile. You will literally have a 'Hakuna Matata' session while on the journey with us.

Memories to Cherish

We all meet as a stranger but turn out to be like an extended family. We strongly believe in creating such atmosphere.

Like Minded Travelers

We have an age group and category of Travelers who are like minded, (who are ready to try something new, explore, see the beauty of Nature with a different view.

No Hidden Charges

We don't add hidden extras cost. All trip cost include travel permits, accommodation and meals. There are no surprises with hidden costs.

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